Issues with Undetermined, Backwards from fixed end

I’m pretty new to Omniplan and I’m having trouble figuring out how to edit tasks. My company does a similar Omniplan gantt chart every year and I’m trying to make a template from which we could build each year’s project without completely inputting new dates for each milestone. I want to start from an undetermined, fixed end date and build backwards but when I go to edit milestone start or end dates using the T-10d formatting and hit the enter key, the program changes it to T+10d. Every time I put in a minus sign, it is changed to a plus sign.

I think I must just be inputting something incorrectly. I really am trying to build backward, not forwards, so I need to be able to put in dates before T day. Has anyone else come across this?

@mrm What version of OmniPlan are you currently running? It sounds like you may be hitting a bug that we fixed in OmniPlan 3.12.