Javascript for line with "embedded" text

A simple straight line with embedded/inline text (text that moves with the line) when copied as javascript, results in a line + text box (i.e. separate entities) when pasted back with that same javascript. Perusing the javascript I see two variables (g1, g2) are created with g1 the line and g2 the text shape. g1 nor g2 has a link/reference to the other shape so it seems the javascript is incomplete.

Copying the line+embedded text to AppleScript and running that script does reproduce the line+embedded text. The apple script has two variables “labelConnection” and “labelPosition” that seem to be responsible for the missing connection. These are not part of the javascript copy. Adding these two the javascript (with appropriate values) does nothing to correct this situation.

Bug or am I not getting this?

  • Which application are you discussing ? Perhaps you meant to post this in the OmniGraffle (rather than OmniFocus) section ?
  • In terms of getting a response, I think you may find that the Omni Slack workspace ( ) is a little more active and responsive

quite right, was intending this for omnigraffle, moving it to slack now

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