Jira - Omnifocus Sync

I have created a command line program that syncs Jira to Omnifocus. It will import all issues assigned to you in Jira to a project of your choosing in Omnifocus. Then, when you mark the task complete in Omnifocus, it will transition to resolved in Jira.

I am just curious if anyone else has any interest in this and if so, if there are any features you would like to see. It requires Node.js to be installed but given this, there are a lot of capabilities (full web server, email notifications, mac notifications etc) so let your imagination run wild and I will see what I can implement.



How can i use it?
The feature i would wish is:
Ability to see the jira issue’s status in the OF task’s title. For example: “Write an article [TO DO]”, “Compare servers [IN PROGRESS]”

HI, I would like to try it out. We do like the idea of having a sync between all our projects and omnifocus.

Ideally, you can sync projects and all tasks related to projects as well as be able to set transitions.


I would be interested in this program too and would like to test it and give you feedback.

How can I use it?


I would be interested in something like this.

Have you guys check this script: https://github.com/devondragon/jira-omnifocus
I used it for a while, It works ok.
Now I’m using Zapier: https://zapier.com/zapbook/jira/omnifocus/

I was looking at that script over the weekend but deciced to try zapier.

Hows it going with Zapier for your jira/omnifocus? Anything interesting or like to share?

Im looking at integrating something similar for myself as well.

Going quite well, but very far from being an ideal solution:

Some weak points to consider:

  • It is just one way sync. From JIRA to OF since the Zap basically checks for new issues on JIRA and sends an email to your Omnifocus mail-drop.

  • Sync runs every 15 minutes with the free plan of Zapier. You can get it down to 5 minutes with some of the paid plans. But, In my case, 20 bucks a month just for this it is quite expensive.

  • In some scenarios can induce to some redundancy on your workflow as well as lack of trust in your system (you might want to come back to check if the task was synced or lost somewhere in the cloud).

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know there’s an existing feature request for OmniFocus JIRA integration and we’d be glad to add your official +1s to that. If you haven’t done so already, you can do that by shooting us an email at omnifocus@omnigroup.com.


@austin, any updates as when this feature will be released?

Oh, just to leave a note I just sent the requested +1 email :-)

fyi to my knowledge there is no way to use these third party sync services, bundles, gems, or AppleScript with Atlassian-hosted Jira that uses SSO or OAuth to my org’s Gsuite tenant. they all appear to require a legacy username/password model, they do not understand identity providers at all.

Any news about the subject?