Jump to project from forecast view & quirky behaviour


Strange behaviour or is this intended?

In Forecast view, I select a task and choose the red squiggly arrow to jump to it’s Project outline. So far so good! I like this so that I can get an overview of the task relative to it’s position within a Project and complete any further tasks that could be done at the same time.

I complete the action and mark it done whilst still in the Project view. All of a sudden the project will disappear from view and I am taken to its Parent folder showing me every other Project that isn’t relevant to me at that moment.

This doesn’t seem conducive to any kind of productivity, I lose where I am up to and have to go searching for the Project again. Would it not be better to remain with the Project’s outline so I can continue with any further tasks or at the very least jump back to the Forecast view?

Can anyone recommend a way around this, i’d like to jump to a Task’s Project from Forecast view and remain within it to continue working without too many button presses.

Many thanks

@keypix Sorry for the trouble here! What you describe sounds like a bug in the current release version of OmniFocus 2 for iPad. The good news is that it only seems to present itself in portrait orientation, so if you rotate your iPad 90° into landscape orientation it should behave as you desire. The even better news is that it appears to be fixed in the TestFlight builds of the upcoming universal OmniFocus 2 for iOS (or at least I could not reproduce it there just now) which will be a free update to OmniFocus 2 for iPad as soon as it ships.

Hi Anne

Thanks for your reply!

Good to know it has been addressed and look forward to the update.

I had a suspicion it was only doing it in portrait mode but wasn’t sure if that was my imagination.