Jump to project or tag

Maybe this is already in place, but I don’t think so.

Some software implement a “jump to anything” functionality, the way it could work with omnifocus is that once invoked you start typing and it will list all tags, projects, groups matching the query. Having to use the mouse to navigate the outline is a nuisance, and the search is a two step ordeal - with the search everywhere - which takes some time to show up on screen and at times it doesn’t at all.

Often when editing a project I get ideas for actions in other projects, and also when I file my inbox I may want to add tasks in addition to the task I just got out of the inbox.

Example of software implementing this - taskpaper, evernote.

Just an idea.

We have the Quick open in the File menu. It opens a perspective, folder, project or tag, and it can open those in a new tab, so you don’t forget where you were. Would that do it? We also have the Quick entry, a feature I use quite a lot to create new tasks without losing my focus, both while I’m in Omnifocus and in other applications. You could set a keyboard shortcut to the Quick entry in the application preferences.

apologies, that’s great - I was looking in the wrong place (didn’t think the file menu would be the place)

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What I don’t understand is… why is this function only available on the Mac version? The iPad version is screaming out for this capability — quickly accessing projects is so bad that I generally exit OF and use Shortcuts instead because that’s faster and more reliable.

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