Jumping Screen & Lost Changes

I’m a long time user of Omnigraffle (10+ years). I’ve recently been running into some issues.

ISSUE 1: Jumping
When I’m working in certain files at certain times (ie not all files and on the files it does it in it doesn’t happen all the time) the screen will jump to the upper lefthand corner of the first canvas. When this is happening, it tends to happen every 60 to 120 seconds.

ISSUE 2: Changes Lost
Sometimes when this jump happens, the last 60 - 120 seconds worth of changes that I’ve made will be undone and I’ll have to do them again.

I am working on files that are stored in iCloud.

No-one else is working in these files or has them open (I’m 95% certain of this).

My guess (based on no evidence whatsoever) is that when my file tries to update with the cloud version, rather than pushing my changes put to the cloud it pulls the cloud version down to my machine and overwrites my changes.

I’m also assuming that the jumping happens when Omnigraffle tries to update the cloud instance… though again, I have no evidence of this… just a hunch.




First of all, what version of OG are you using? They have made a lot of changes recently to help with sync issues.

Have you tried on either a local file or downloading the file locally to work and notice if behavior continues?

The timing is interesting. Is there anywhere you can check on how often the iCloud update occurs?

Thanks for the reply,

Mac OS: 10.15.6
Omnigraffle: 7.17.5 (v203.12.0)

I think I’m up to date across the board. But let me know if I’m wrong.

I’ll try downloading the file and working on it locally and I’ll let you know if that solves things.

I’ll look into how often iCloud syncs. TBD on what I can find there.



I’ve been working on a copy that’s on my local machine for about half an hour without any issues. That seems like enough evidence to me to indicate that it’s a sync-ing issue.


Recommendations (other than download / work / upload)??



It seems there would be some sort of setting for items being worked on/looked at so it doesn’t keep trying to use the original file.

I don’t see anything in the basic help file or on-line.

I don’t work on things in the cloud so it will have to be with other’s assistance. Can also ask tech support directly. Maybe OG isn’t letting iCloud know the file is active.

I’m having the same issues here. Big Sur, iCloud Files stored file & most recent OmniGraffle.