Jumping to Project from Context

When viewing an Action in the “Contexts” view, is there a way to jump directly to the Project that the Action belongs to?


Hi Alan,

Open up the Inspector and when you have the action item selected, there is an icon next to the assigned project that will jump you over there, which I’ve circled in red on the screenshot below.

Hope this helps to save you some time!



Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Is there a keyboard shortcut for this?

In the View menu. you will see it is Command-Option-R. If you are in a context perspective, your highlighted task will go to the Projects perspective. If you are in a projects perspective, it will go to the Contexts perspective.


Excellent, thanks!

Very convenient, @wilsonng, I wasn’t aware of that shortcut! After having switched to the Projects perspective, I often would like to return to the task in my custom perspective. After adding a personal keyboard shortcut for my perspective, that was easy, too.

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