Just upgraded and imported graphics worse

I just upgraded to OG 7.11.3 (latest stable release). I have some imported/pasted graphics on my canvas and now they show very slowly. If I scroll at all, the disappear, then reappear after a couple seconds.

Going back to 7.10.2 until this can be corrected. Not very usuable in this state.

Any one else seeing slower, jerkier performance when scrolling, zooming and really slow redraw of placed graphics in 7.11.3?

Yes, I have the same. Imported graphics are hardly scrollable and general performance is much worse than previous versions.
I reverted to 7.10.2 as well.

I was hoping it was just something I was doing. I tried to use 7.11.3 for a couple weeks but it is hard to scroll around … and worse with any images on the canvas.