Just upgraded to Big Sur...and now have a mysterious gray box

I just upgraded my MacBook Pro (2015) to Big Sur, and now OmniFocus has this blank grey box in the middle of my screen. See screenshot below. It appears only in OmniFocus, no matter where I’m at in the app. And it has lasted through a restart. Any ideas?


This thread describes a similar phenomenon - though under different circumstances.

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You are not alone. I have the same situation.


Well, at least it’s helpful to know I’m not the only one. It sounds like the only solution available currently is upgrade to OF3, at least for now?

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I support the developer, and have (paid for) OF3. The upgrade to Big Sur caused no problems with OF. I have no grey box.

If you think of software as evergreen for free, you’re going to drive developers back to the original model of really, really expensive upfront cost, and that didn’t work. If you don’t want to pay for OF3, then you can buy a subscription.

Developers need an incentive to continually improve the product. Go ahead and buy OF3. It’s money well spent.

That’s just my metaphorical 2 cents worth.


What you say is true. However, whether any given user finds value in an “upgrade” that does not bring new features (that they will use) to the table is a different question.

There is lots of praise for v3 (and I have used it for a trial). Happy to hear others are very happy with it. It provides nothing that I value that is absent from v2.

I don’t expect Omni to patch v2 (though the nature of the particular bug we are experiencing is curious, and maybe easily remedied).

I am a longtime (since the beginning) user of OmniFocus and have a Pro license for v2.

Version 3 does not provide any functionality that I want and do not already have. To maintain status quo on feature set I would need to license v3 Pro. That’s a lot to ask to make a white box go away.

OmniFocus is best-in-class. That said, it is not without its flaws.

When v4 is released (how soon?), if it fixes my complaint (I only have one), then I will happily pay the $150 necessary to move up (do I have that right? need pro version and iOS and iPad OS.), or more if the jump from v2 costs more than the move from 2 to 3 does now.

So, encouraging others to support the developer is all well and good, but doesn’t speak to the issue: Big Sur broke something that was working. Might not have anything to do with OmniFocus, but the issue has, so far, only been exhibited (in my experience) in connection with OmniFocus.

Maybe another user has discovered a fix.


Same issue here with OF2 Pro on my MacBook Pro 2016 following the Big Sur update.


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