Keep track of completed tasks

Hi everyone,

when I used Things, this application had an option to view record. In that registry I could see every day the tasks that I had completed, and the day that I did the task.
Omnifocus has something similar, such as the perspective called completed. Okay, this perspective shows me the completed tasks in the following way:

Completed Today
-Task 1
-Task 2

-Task 1
-Task 2

During the last week
-Task A
-Task B

During the last month
-Task 1
-Task 2

So my problem is that I can see tasks completed today and yesterday. But when I want to see what day I did for example task B, I can not know the day I did that task.

Could I do something to know the day I completed a completed task?
I usually write a record in a paper notebook, but I find it a little tired, because Things did show me the day of the whole task.

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There is a “Completed Items” perspective. I think it is disabled by default. It has stored what I have completed.
Not sure if that is what you seek.

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Thanks for your answer. Yes there is, I know it, but the tasks completed every day are not shown.
I mean, it does not tell me the exact day that I completed a task for example two weeks ago.

It does when I click on it. But you can modify the view to use “Custom Columns” and tick off Completion Date. Then it will include that in the view.

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Thanks friend!

It was this, but Omnifocus 2 hasn’t order by completion date.
In the beta Omnifocus 3 to iOS I´ve that it has order by completion date! I wait O3 to Mac soon ^^

Thank you!!

You can edit the Completed perspective to Group by Completed and Sort by Completed. That will group all tasks completed on the same day together, and for the groups by date