Keeping styles when exporting to Word

I am using OmniOutliner 4.1.3 for Mac. When I export to Word, all my styles which are based on the level are kept (Level 1 Rows, Level 2 Rows). However, the styles which are not based on the level (for instance, Heading 1, Heading 2) are not exported as styles when I save the outline in Word format. Is there a way to make these styles recognizable by Word?

The issue is that Word only allows one style to be applied to text where as in OmniOutliner you can apply as many as you want. While a Word style can be created to contain the properties of the multiple styles, that can’t be supported with the method used for Word export. Your Heading style properties should be getting applied directly to the text though so it has the same appearance. If this isn’t happening, that would be a bug we need to know about.

Thank you, DerekM. My Heading styles are not recognized as Heading styles when I export to Word, although the formatting is preserved. I would like to have it recognized as a style, however. Only the level styles are recognized as styles when I export to Word. Is that the expected behavior?

Yes, due to the reason mentioned in my previous reply, this is expected behavior.

I have the same problem. Would it be possible in a future release to add an option to the export dialog to choose between Word styles based on level, and styles based on Headings? Anybody doing serious work in Word would perfer to modify styles rather than apply attributes directly to text, and headings in Word will not necessarily correspond directly to levels in an outline.

@gamiddleton If you’d like to send us an email, we’d be happy to file a request for the functionality you’re looking for in our development database!

Yes add one to that request for me - would be very helpful

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