Keeping the right date for recurring tasks

I could use a little help on workflow here.

Let’s say that I have a task that I want to do at the start of every month. So I set up a recurring task for 1 month. But… Maybe it isn’t critical to get done immediately, but does need to be done by the 15th.

If I defer it by a day, it will mess up the timing of the repeating. I have tried using the 1st weekday of every month type option, but it seems that deferring will either mess up the next due date or defer date. Is there a way just to “sleep” something for 24 hours, without messing up the defer dates?

Alternately, I could do something like adding a “Wednesday” tag, but that would also get carried forward to the next month’s task, unless I remember to delete it.

So an alternative approach would be to create a “master” repeating option, where the next repetition of a task is not influenced by what you do to this instance - is this possible?

That’s what I do with recurring tasks. With your example, I would duplicate the task, defer the “master” version to the next iteration, then make the duplicate non-repeating. I’ll also sometimes add a clarification to the task name: e.g., if the task is “make quarterly estimated tax payment,” I might change the single-instance one to “make 2020 Q3 quarterly estimated tax payment,” just so I don’t later confuse it with the “master” task.

I usually do that only if I miss the due date, though. If I pass the defer date, that means the task is available, so it should show up on my action lists. I will use defer dates as ticklers for one-off tasks/projects, but I try to avoid it for recurring ones.

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