Keeping track of defer items

What is the best way you have found for keeping track of deferred items. Because it seemed that after they are “past deferred” they no longer show up in the forecast??

Using a perspective where items are sorted by defer date. I use a ‘planned’ tasks perspective where I can view only past and future deferred items.
Forecast in its current state is almost unusable for me due to its lack of flexibility. I’ve written about it here Forecast perspective 2.0 with custom filters and options

Is there an option to view both due and deferred items?

If you have the Pro Version you can create any perspective you like e.g. this one using additive filters/rules.

I have a recurrent task every two days to check my deferred perspective; the note attached contains the URL to open the perspective directly.

This is what I have setup.

This gives me all deferred and due and it groups by deferred. It’s still a bit more of a strain to see everything but I rarely have something due that doesn’t have a deferral date. And if something is due and no deferral then I can quickly jump to the bottom of the list and see all due items coming up.

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This perspective seems to work well. the items that are “due” will show up in red and stand out.

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Weren’t you using Things 3 for awhile?

Yea, I still do. I had a larger project come up that I needed to be able to be a bit more flexible with some of my views, so I jumped back to OF for that project. Honestly if there were just a couple changes to OF I feel like it could easily be as “simple” as Things for a day to day use case. But for large projects with lots of dependencies, OF is still king.

I agree. I wish you could momentarily filter by a tag from any view. I think that would add a lot of flexibility. You wouldn’t need to make a different perspective for everything.

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Personally, I view defered as a “can’t start before date”. That it now can be started (because the defer date has passed) does not mean that I want it in my forecast, it just means it is now available like every other task in my Omnifocus. If I want a task to show up in forecast as soon as the defer date is reached, I give it my “today” tag (or use a due date if that is more suitable).

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I understand that point of view. For me, if the defer date is today (for instance), then I wish it showed up in my Forecast view as a list of things I can/should start working on. I understand I could make a perspective, but I wish it worked the way I described.

Each day, I review my “Available” perspective, flag all the items I feel I can or need to do today, and further defer everything else. Then, I work off my Flagged perspective. I only use the Forecast for Due items (super important hard deadlines).

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