Keyboard input into Quick Entry

I’m loving Ominfocus 4 but one thing is driving me nuts on the iPad. I want to be able to invoke Quick Entry and complete things like tags and due dates without taking my hands off the keyboard. I’d assumed that using the tab key would move between fields but it doesn’t. I’ve had a look here in the forum but can’t find the answer. Any one know how to do this?

It may not be without bugs. At least I reported one a few days ago. It behaved a little differently on iPad depending on full screen and split screen with different widths.

Generally: With ⌘ you can see the keyboard shortcuts.

The following scenario creates an action with title, project and tag(s).

  1. Press ⌃ ⌥ space to start Quick Entry e.g. in Inbox where I tested this.

  2. Type the item‘s title

  3. Press ↹ or ↲ to remove the focus from the title field (↲ seems to be more reliable with e.g. the smallest split screen variant)

  4. Press P to display project selector

  5. Issue: To set the focus to the search field to have to press the ↹ key

  6. Type portions of the project‘s name. The list will be filtered. When what you look for is the top element you can press ↲ and the project selector closes and the project gets set.

  7. Press T to get the tag selector

  8. Press ↲ twice (!) to set the focus to the search field OR use ↹ (this behaves different in split screen on the smallest window size), then enter portions of the tag‘s name. If the tag is selected press ↲ to finish tag selection. You can repeat this for multiple tags.

  9. Close the tag selector with ⌘ . (command and point key).

  10. Save the item with ↲

Conclusion: Too many keyboard combinations to navigate through the pop up. On an older iPad OF4 responds sometimes too slow to give to a good feeling about what you are doing. The general behaviour left a strange feeling the UI is not stable enough. Still I am a user thinking quite positively about OF4.

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Thanks for this Logan and sorry for the slow response. Really useful tips. Cheers.

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