Keyboard macro for changing headings to all uppercase?

Hello, folks. I’ve decided, to allow for easier reading in long projects with sub-projects (headings with the collapsible triangle), that I’d like to have those headings be upper case. Problem is, I have 292 projects. :)

Pretty easy to do manually:

Triple click the header to highlight all text.
Right click, go to Transformation -> Uppercase

Is there a lightweight macro app that I could get that allows for right-clicks, etc.? I’d love to triple click, then do a two-key macro to perform the right click, transformation.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Since this menu item has a stable label, you can do this using the system Keyboard preference pane. Add an App Shortcut for All Applications for “Make Uppercase”, and assign your keyboard shortcut of choice (I did an extremely complicated one just because I knew there wouldn’t be a conflict):

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