Keyboard navigation: full rows vs text

I’m a heavy user of OmniOutliner’s basic keyboard shortcuts for indentation and styles, but cannot for the life of me remember how to switch between selecting an entire row and editing text (if this is even possible!).

E.g., say I’m editing text inside an outliner cell and then decide I just want to delete or move the whole row. How do I use the keyboard to select the whole row (not just the text in the row)? And vice versa, if I have a row selected, how do I switch to editing the text in that row using the keyboard?

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Are you using OO4? If so, cmd-return, enter key, or in the prefs you can set the escape key to do that like it does in OO3.

Thanks! Works like a charm, and explains why my muscle memory wasn’t working on this one! (I am using OO4 but used OO3 for a long time)

I’ve been looking for this shortcut in the whole world!! Thanks a lot.