Keyboard navigation while focus is on the Projects Outline

I find it hard to use the interface while the focus is on the projects outline.

I often switch to a project using the mouse. Then the focus stays on the project outline, with the current project selected.

  • I often want to create a new task for which I always press Enter expecting that the intended behavior. However, in OF2, when the focus is on the project outline Enter creates a new project, while cmd+N creates a new task in the selected project. In my opinion these shortcuts should be swapped. It’s more common to create a new action than a whole new project and therefore the first action should have a shorter easier shortcut.

  • How do you navigate to the task view when the focus is on the Project Outline? I expected that pressing TAB would take me there, but instead it makes the title of the project editable. I’ve only been able to switch the focus to the task view by creating a fake task with cmd + N and then deleting it. In my opinion TAB should take you to the task list, and a different command (cmd+e, for example) should let you edit the project title.

Any thoughts on this?


Cmd+Alt+2, currently…