Keyboard shortcut "F2" to edit task title

Hi, I want to use function key “F2” to edit a task title as one would do in Excel. Since there is no menu option for “edit task” there’s no way to map this using app shortcuts in system preferences. Does anyone know of a way to add such a keyboard shortcut?

If an action, action group, or project is selected in the outline view, you can edit the title by pressing the tab key.

If you have Keyboard Maestro or a similar application for making keyboard shortcuts, you could map F2 to to the tab key (suggested for editing by @timstringer above) or the esc key (depending on your settings in the application) in Omnifocus. I don’t think you could do it without help from a separate application, as the command isn’t available as a menu item.

It is also possible to edit a task using the key E (undocumented since a long time), but I would prefer the tab key, as the E key replaces an existing task title with ”e” if you press it by mistake a second time.


Thank you for the information and suggestions.

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