Keyboard Shortcut for Due: +Day (OF3)

Hi, I’ve been using OF for a few years now. I’m on OF 3 (Mac) and OF 2 (iOS).

I’d really like a keyboard shortcut for adding a day, week, or month to the due date (or defer date).

My workflow is less efficient when going through the inbox and adding dates.

I’d really like to select the task with the mouse and then use Shift A for +day, Shift S for +week, etc. (Or something similar)

I’m surprised that there aren’t shortcuts for the inspector buttons.

Thoughts? Has anyone been able to input/change dates with the keyboard?


I agree this would be nice. Currently I use Keyboard Maestro to activate a script that moves dates forward.

Without a script, you should still be able to tab over to the Due field pretty quickly (for me, 5 times in Columns view and 5 times in Fluid view). Once there, you can use +1d, +1w, etc. to push due dates out.

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