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Trying to up my OF game (relatively new user), especially with regard to my new stream deck. Is there an easy way to enter a new task into the inbox, ie: a keyboard shortcut or menu item? Anyway would be fine as I’m also using keyboard maestro, so any sort of script etc would work as well, and I could map it to a keyboard shortcut, then to the stream deck.

Perhaps the solution is to use quick entry and just leave everything else blank?

Thanks in advance.

I think the best solution would be, as you suggest, to use Quick Entry.

If you wanted to, you could set up a simple Shortcut or similar with a prompt for text and then add that to the inbox, but I personally would prefer to have the flexibility to add some other quick information in the Quick Entry prompt if I wanted to, or to add multiple tasks at once with Shift + Enter.

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Thank you. I wasn’t really understanding the basics I think. Quick entry does what I was looking for.

What Kaitlin said (excellent answer), plus…

When you create a new task using Quick Entry, you can assign to the new task a project, a tag, both, or neither. Then the rule for what defines an inbox entry comes into play. This rule is governed by the setting Preferences > Organization > Clean up inbox items which have option. Basically, any new task that meets the criteria specified in this option are cleaned up (removed from the inbox). So you might create a new task only to find that it’s not in the inbox as you expected. Check that setting.

Also, the keyboard shortcut for Quick Entry is user-configurable. See the aptly named Preferences > Quick Entry Shortcut setting.

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