Keyboard shortcut for "Omnifocus 4: Send to Inbox" doesn't seem to be working

I’ve followed the instructions in I’ve defined a shortcut CTRL-OPT-CMD-SPACE. But when I mark text in an email message and press the shortcut, nothing happens.

The service is defined because I doing “Right Click > Services > Omnifocus 4: Send to Inbox” does what I want, but the shortcut just doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

I recommend trying a different keyboard shortcut (I use ⌃⌥⌘O). It could be the ⌃⌥⌘␣ conflicts with another keyboard shortcut.

On a side note, the keyboard shortcut you define should appear beside “OmniFocus 4: Send to Inbox” in the Services menu.

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I discovered that it depends on the application (and the shortcut) if it will work or not, for example:

  • Safari: works (also includes the URL, nice)
  • Apple Mail: ctrl-opt-cmd-O works, but ctrl-opt-cmd-space does not
  • Apple Pages: works
  • Postbox mail: ctrl-opt-cmd-O opens the quick entry window but does not copy text
  • Upnote: does not work at all

Yes, the shortcut appeared in the Services menu.

CTRL-ALT-CMD-O worked fine so I’m happy. Thanks!

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Thanks, nice to know that it depends on the application, too!