Keyboard shortcut for today's date


in OF1, command-slash would insert today’s date in mm/dd/yyyy format. this was awfully handy (though i would’ve liked to control the date formatting in a way that didn’t force me to change my date/time prefs system-wide).

anyway: command-slash doesn’t do anything in OF2. is this coming back, or gone for good? is there a keyboard-shortcut trick to accomplish this?


It looks like there is Insert Time Stamp in the Edit menu. Does that work? You could probably add a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences → Keyboard.

Check Ken Case’s response in another posting:

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p.s. i searched and searched for that posting, but i did not hit the keyword bingo.

Is there still no keyboard shortcut for Due Today?

This seems insane - and that keyboard shortcut workaround didn’t work for me…

It should, I just tried creating one. Misspelling? Conflicting keyboard shortcut? Due field not active?

You could also write ”tod”, for Today, in the due field.