Keyboard shortcut to "sticky" focus?

In OF1 I have two perspectives – Home and Work – setup to restore focus to two corresponding folder hierarchies. All my other perspectives, including Projects and Contexts (that I believe are default) are set to not restore focus. I can then use the keyboard shortcut for Home or Work to get the desired focus, and then another shortcut to get the desired perspective with that focus intact.

In OF2 it doesn’t work the same way, but is there any way to achieve the same effect?

It seems like a focus set from a setting in a perspective is always lost when switching to a different perspective, or to the Projects and Context tabs. Focus set through the View menu or contextual menu are sticky when switching tabs or to a perspective that has no focus set. But how can I assign a keyboard shortcut to a specific “sticky” focus?

(Also, focus from perspective settings are not visible in the toolbar, except from inside the Eye-of-Sauron menu, while focus set from the View menu are prominently displayed. A weird effect of this is if I have a sticky focus and switch to a perspective with a different focus, the effective focus is the one for the perspective but the toolbar still displays the sticky focus … I guess that is a bug.)

As you say, a focus set in a perspective is just for that perspective. A focus set from the View menu applies to the whole window. I can’t think of a way to assign a keyboard shortcut to the latter.

@daniels, the information in [this thread] (Window's focus overrides perspective's focus? [A: yes, by design]) may be helpful.

@Brian Thank you. I can see that my description of the behavior was incorrect, but Ken’s description does not fit what I see either. (I’ve replied and he is aware.)

I guess that will be sorted out anyway, but I still very much would like some way to make a keyboard shortcut (and/or a toolbar button) to a specific window-persistent-focus, like I could in OF1. I guess I should send it as a feature request by mail?

For anyone with similar need, I have achieved my desired behavior by creating two similar AppleScripts and assigning them keyboard shortcuts through FastScripts. This works even better than my not-really-focus-only-perspectives in OF1, as those always altered the current layout and I had to go back to my previous non-focus-perspective afterwards. Though I still wish there was some built in way of achieving this, as it currently depends on a third party application.

My simple script was taken from an old forum post and looks like this:

property pstrFolderID : "bXxSvH9T3-O"
tell application "OmniFocus"
    set oFolder to folder id pstrFolderID of default document
    set focus of front window to {oFolder}
end tell

The bXxSvH9T3-O-part is the ID of the desired folder, and I got it by right clicking the folder and selecting “Copy as Link”, then removed the leading omnifocus:///folder/ from the pasted result.