Keyboard shortcut to switch to project list?

Is there a keyboard shortcut for switching into what I think is called the Sidebar when you have the Projects perspective active? Say, for example, that I have my keyboard focus on a task in a particular project. I’m looking for a keyboard shortcut that will put the focus onto any project (perhaps the project that contains the task the focus is currently on) in my list of projects, i.e. in the middle pane between the Perspectives on the far left and the Main Outline pane on the far right. If I could get there using just a keystroke, I could then use the arrow keys to switch to a different project. That’s what I would like to do. I looked at the OF keyboard shortcut page and didn’t see one. I need to constantly switch between projects so this would be a very handy keyboard shortcut to have. Thanks.

There’s a “Go to Sidebar” option in the View menu accessible with Opt+Cmd+1. If you don’t have a project/folder selected in the sidebar already, it doesn’t auto-select one; you’ll need to press the down arrow to get onto the list.

Does that help?

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option-command-1 is the shortcut for View > Go To Sidebar. This puts focus on the sidebar, though because we don’t select a project in the sidebar you can’t really tell. Arrowing down will get you a visible selection though. Hope this helps!

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Josh and Dave, yes that helps! Two follow-up questions: 1) Is it possible to go in the opposite direction, sidebar to outline pane? and 2) is it possible to redefine this keyboard shortcut? cmd+option+1 is a really clumsy shortcut the requires you to go hand-over-hand like a concert pianist. ;-) I’m a big keyboard guy who hates using the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are much faster and make me more productive.

Sure! option-command-1/2/3 switch between sidebar/outline/inspector.

Yes, using System Preferences:

Thanks Dave. I’ll try it out shortly.

This worked like a charm. Thanks guys!

Thank you, was searching for a solution! Is it possible to make this possible directly with a menubar action, so I dont need to perferom two actions? Thank you!

This combination of keys looks like a good use case for Keyboard Maestro and possibly Karabiner Elements and/or Streamdeck.