Keyboard Shortcut Wishlist

I seem to recall there was a keyboard shortcut to view a task in project view for that particular project. I used that a lot and while I see it as a context (left mouse click) menu option I don’t see any keyboard shortcut for it.

I’d also like a “Defer until” shortcut so I could select multiple tasks and then hit the shortcut and be able to defer all selected tasks in the calendar that popped up.


This is exactly the kind of thing we wanted to help testers discuss with each other when we set up the new forum.

Allow me to also remind folks at the start of this discussion that the best way to make sure items are seen by Omni staff and added to the development database is to send the request via the help menu. We’re going to try to keep up here, and Discourse gives us more/better tools to catch and file things than the old forums did. It still hasn’t caught up with our email-based tools, though.

Okay, now discuss away. :-)

Heeheee, thought I’d be the first to open up w/ this…Jtinsky, You were! So here’s my two cents, supposedly adding more fuel to the fire You started…

I would love to have a way to do the following via gmail-like shortcuts (letters to be applied in non-edit mode):

  • file / move task to a different project (via “f” or “m”, where the same parsing window could appear as in the project area of the task)
  • applying contexts to one /selection of tasks (via “c”, same parsing window as above)
  • view selections (“a” for active, etc…)
  • navigation between project/context sidebar and task window- currently this is possible through shortcuts but I think single letter keys are much more convenient

What do You think?


The shortcut in OF1 that took you to the project view of that particular task is “ALT+COMMAND+R”. It’s a pity it doesn’t work in OF 2. My muscle memory still keeps pushing me to use that shortcut

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This keyboard shortcut should be working again in the next build (r206417 or later).

Nice. Not only does it work, but it toggles back and forth between project view and context view for that task. Thanks, Ken.


I’d say these shortcuts missing from OF 2 are the one asset preventing me from mind flow entries and hence use OF on a regular basis (i.e. at all). Try sorting through lists or to do with these type shortcuts and you can’t go back. It would be hugely beneficial to users if these shortcuts were added.
My 2 cents.

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