Keyboard shortcuts follow wrong keyboard layout


After updating to Monterey & the latest OF3, every keyboard shortcut has changed. The shortcuts used to be the same characters, different key, (for example, cmd + ’ ) across all keyboard layouts; so you’d need to tap " ’ " whether that’s on the right or top of your keyboard. Now, the shortcuts adapt to your keyboard layout, so the same menu item has a "cmd + ’ " shortcut in QWERTY, and "cmd + ù " shortcut in AZERTY, so you tap the same keycap regardless.

Is this normal? Any way to reverse this, so I don’t have to rebuild my muscle memory?
I believe OmniFocus is the only app affected.

Figured out that this was the result of an OF3 update. I’ll learn the new shortcuts.

This is a change in macOS Monterey when you are using a non-US keyboard. For AppKit-based apps it automatically remaps many keyboard shortcuts based on the physical layout of keys. Therefore you should see this behaviour in many apps. Developers can opt out of this if they’ve already localised all their keyboard shortcuts, but this was rarely the case.

In the past many keyboard shortcuts which were not based on alphabetical letters were awkward to press or impossible to reach on localised keyboards, because they were chosen by app developers based on the physical layout of keys on a US keyboard, and not localised.

A good example is the [ and ] keys to the left of the Enter key on a US keyboard. On many keyboards (eg. French, German, …) those characters are accessed using one or even two modifier keys. This meant that in OmniFocus you could trigger the ‘Add Inside Shift-Cmd-]’ and ‘Add Outside Shift-Cmd-[’, but not the ‘Indent Cmd-]’ or ‘Outdent Cmd-[’ shortcuts (because you already had to press Shift-Option to access the bracket characters!). In Monterey you press the same physical keys as on a US keyboard without any additional modifier keys. Same thing for all shortcuts which are based on the row of number keys on a US layout.

This change will require relearning some muscle memory, but I think keyboard shortcuts will be much more useful and intuitive once you do. You also have the option of remapping the keyboard shortcut of any menu command in macOS System Preferences.


Very well, I suppose it’s for the best. Thanks for the information.

This was driving me insane. Thanks for the thread! 🙏

While we are on the subject: Wouldn’t it be great to collapse/show notes for an action by using left and right arrows? As you do in Finder, and many other apps where you can show/hide information?

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