Keyboard shortcuts for deferring [A: available via text input]

I plan to create my own “Today” feature by using flags and deferring. I have two requests in order of importance.

  1. I would like to be able to defer various amounts by using keyboard shortcuts (and most likely the menu system).
  2. I would like to be able to defer hours. (Currently there is only a +1 day button as the smallest increment)

The reason I want to defer by hours easily is that in the morning I might want to defer some flagged tasks to “after lunch” or to “the evening” for example.

If you don’t have space to put a fourth button in the interface “+1 hour” it could at least be available from a keyboard shortcut.

it’s very important also for me

You can already defer by hours using the keyboard. If I want to defer a task until after lunch, I just type “1p” and hit return. Or for the evening, “5p” or whatever you think of as the evening. If you want to defer a task until 2 hours from now, just type “2h”.

Maybe I am misunderstanding what you mean by a “keyboard shortcut”?

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Ah, I didn’t know that. That works. I can tab my way to the defer field and type the amount then.

That said, I have already e-mailed Omni to request a shortcut for quickly deferring tasks. I defer tasks all the time, and it would be great to have a quick key to bring up a dialog box. I have tried LaunchBar + AppleScript combinations in the past (see, e.g.,, but it would be great to have functionality like that built in with quick responses and all of the normal OmniFocus date syntax.

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