Keyboard shortcuts for inspector values

Coming from Cultured Code’s Things, if a task is highlighted, I can use keyboard shortcuts to assign a defer date and move to a project, among other options. In OO3, I see that I can set these values through the keyboard if I use Quick Entry, but once a task exists, there doesn’t seem to be a way to use the keyboard to set these values.

Is this true?


On Mac you can use alt-cmd-3 to move focus to the right hand inspector panel and then tab or shift tab through the various fields. Not sure about iOS

I’m sure there’s a more elegant solution available, but fyi I have begun using Keyboard Maestro to program shortcut keys in all my regular apps including Omnifocus. This let’s me use one set of keyboard shortcuts (e.g. gmail is my default) in other apps Evernote, Omnifocus, etc.

Separately – I’m curious @RFBriggs what brought you from Things to Omnifocus?

I have been a die hard Omnifocus fan for years but I find its lack of sharing/collaborating to require me to use Asana as well, i’m always searching for the one app that could combine my most-used features of both :)

In OmniFocus 3, you can use the View Options to configure which fields you’d like to be visible and editable in the main outline (much like they are in Quick Entry). So if you frequently find yourself wanting to edit certain fields, I recommend enabling those fields in the main outline so you can simply tab through them while editing.

In OmniFocus 3 this customizability is limited to the Mac app in the Columns view mode. In the upcoming OmniFocus 4 release (currently in TestFlight), this level of control is available in all layout modes (i.e. including Fluid) and on all platforms (Mac, iPhone, and iPad). The upcoming v4 release also adds “bare” keyboard shortcuts to directly edit a field, whether it’s visible or not. (For example, you can press D to edit the due date, or Shift-D to edit the defer date.)

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I only have the v4 beta on iOS (I don’t have an Apple Silicon machine), so that’s great that that will be available!

@ek7832 Good idea about Keyboard Maestro!

Things is beautiful and elegant and simple. And pretty rigid. I was finding that I wanted more ability to customize views, have sub-tasks, etc. I have used OF in the past, so it’s not as daunting a switch as if I were totally new.

Hey, also nods to Keyboard Maestro which I use for some fairly elaborate OmniFocus window setups. Love this combination.

Have you considered just using the TAB key in succession? I use this method on selected tasks often to make rapid quick-entry style adjustments to a variety of fields. If you keep ‘tabbing’ your cursor/selector should traverse the side “Inspector” fields as well. (SHIFT-TAB reverses your cursor order which you already likely know).

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