Keyboard shortcuts for View All/Remaining

There doesn’t appear to be any shortcuts to toggle between View All / View Remaining tasks in a project.

Is this indeed the case? It’s a function that I use a lot, and I’d prefer not to have to use the mouse.


At the moment there isn’t a way to change the view filter without using the mouse. There is, however, a feature request for just that, to which I have added your comments. I’d love to see that added as well!

If anyone happens upon this thread and would like to ‘cast your vote’ for this feature, please email us at so we can be sure to capture your thoughts!


Hi! Is there any news on this feature request?

All the best!


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Oh, I would love this! VOTE!!!

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I use an Applescript tied to a menu bar icon. It toggles the display state to All, Remaining, Next, and First Available. I used a modification of this script …

I imagine it could be tied to a keyboard shortcut with other apps.


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Yes, please!

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I’m wondering if Keyboard Maestro might be of some use here.

Yes, I know it’s more money.

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I want this too!

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Me too. Still looking at other threads to see if this was solved somewhere else.

Please address this. This is a disability problem, requiring mouse clicks.