Keyboard shortcuts on non-english keyboards

I am using a Spanish keyboard, which means that certain characters are not directly available but have to be invoked through a key combination. For example, the to get the @ I have to use the combination ⌥``2.

In OmniFocus, there is a keyboard shortcut for inserting a timestamp, ⌘``@, which works perfectly on my keyboard if I simply press the correct keyboard combination: ⌘``⌥``2. However, within Omnifocus this particular keyboard combination already has another use: Go to Outline. Therefore I have now a keyboard shortcut that is used for two different functions. Whenever the carret is in a text field, the shortcut inserts the timestamp and if no text has been selected it moved the focus to the outline.

This is very confusing. In more than one occasion I have replaced the task description with a time stamp when I wanted to switch the focus.

I know that I can manually remap keyboard shortcuts, but would prefer a better solution (even though I know that this is very difficult when many keyboard layouts exist).

I’ve emailed about this issue twice already (a month ago and again in two weeks), and have yet to hear anything back…

I have a french keyboard, and i can’t use the ctrl-cmd-' (to display all notes).
It “understands” cmd-4 and opens the forecast view.
(but the alt-cmd-' one, to display one single note, or the cmd-' to ad of modify note, they work !).
i guess i may have trouble with differents shortcuts, but i don’t know yet.
Is there something i could do ? Thanks !