Keyboard shortcuts or automation functions for aligning shapes

I want to use my streamdeck to help using Omnigraffle. One of the major things I want to do is map out shape alignement functions to streamdeck keys.
To do this, the best way would be to map each keyboard shortcut to a Streamdeck key, but AFAICT there are no separate shortcuts for the “Arrange > Align > …” set of functions. Am I missing something?

Alternatively, I could use Omni Automation to build small scripts that would be called by the Streamdeck keys. I haven’t found any relevant examples in the documentation, and I’m not sure what the logic would be. Has anybody done something similar? Am I missing a very simple function set?

For now, all I can think of is UI scripting through Keyboard Maestro: create a macro to call on each actual menu function, and map THAT macro to a key on the Streamdeck. Not ideal, clunky and language-specific, but it should work.

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Hey seishonagon,

Use the streamdeck is a great idea.
Did you manage to do anything with it?
I would love to know