Keynote export: Is it still there?

I’ve recently upgraded my OmniOutliner 3.x to 4 to find that it can’t export Keynote documents to anything but an unreadable format. There is this thread on the old forum without a workaround, when will a working solution be available?

This is important for me. Kind regards


Now that the latest version of Keynote is scriptable (using AppleScript), it’s possible to use a script, such as the one provided here, to move your OmniOutliner data into Keynote. I hope that helps!

I have followed the installation of the script and it runs fine - the keynote slides are created and the presentation starts. Unfortunately the slides themselves are empty. Went through the script myself but my knowledge is limited and I can´t see anything ouvertly wrong. What could cause this behaviour? (tried it with example outline that the script is supposed to work with)

What version of Keynote do you have? Keynote menu > About Keynote will tell you.

Hello Derek, thank you for the reply. The version of my keynote is 6.2 (1861), german language.

It does not work for me either when using German. I don’t know why that would be a problem but I think it’s on the Keynote side. OmniOutliner, as you no doubt are aware, is not even localized for German yet. You might want to try contacting