Label dimensions of a shape?

I’m moving and I made a floorplan for my new home in OmniGraffle. I’d really like to be able to label the dimensions of the rooms - is there a way to make shapes show their dimensions? I’m searching and not finding anything…

I don’t think there is directly. You might be able to use the Data field to store that info and then have a label that links to it.

Will think some more on that…

You can use data variables as the text of shapes or the labels of lines. <%Length%>, <%Width%> and <%Height%> are the relevant variables here. The label will appear in the units and scale set in the Units panel of the Canvas inspector. See “Using Data Variables” in the OG Help for more detail and a full list of variables.

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I am also creating a scaled floor plan for a bathroom remodel. However, I’m having a bit of trouble with the dimension lines. Putting a <%length%> on the dimension line using Edit>Insert Variable works - except all the dimension labels are showing 1/256th longer than the line length in the geometry inspector. (See screen shot)

Anyone seen this, and is there any remedy?

Nothing obvious. Only remote thing might be the width showing line may not be truly vertical?