Label task with Project, but doesn't appear under project? Mac only, iOS as expected

Mac 10.15.7
OF 3.11.6 (v149.12.0)

On Mac I use the setting “clean up” inbox with tag only. So I expect when I only give a task a Project, it stays in the inbox.

On iOS, it stays in the inbox and also appears under the Project. This is what I would expect, since although it is still in the inbox, the Project at least has been labeled. Go to the project, see the task

On Mac, it does NOT appear under the project. Why the difference? A bug?

Note: there are other untagged items in the project. So SOME untagged items are only in the project and some are only in the inbox.

Update: Ok, definitely buggy. Sometimes the Project-ed tasks appear in the Mac inbox, sometimes they dont appear at all. Meaning they are missing from the Project AND they are missing from the inbox. Then I navigate to the inbox a different way, and they appear again.

On OmniFocus for Mac, when you have the setting “Clean up inbox items which have: Tag” set, it will not clean items that don’t have a tag. So tasks set with a Project only will not “Clean Up” - because they don’t have a tag yet.

Have you considered using the setting “Clean up inbox items which have: Either a Project or a Tag”?

Did you read my post?

Yes. The answer still applies. On Mac, your task will not clean up and will not show up under your project because of the way your preferences are configured. Your task can not simultaneously be in the Inbox and in a Project. Consider trying my suggestion and use the Clean Up frequently in your testing.

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