Lag in Omnifocus 3 Mac app

I was curious if this is my own experience based on my database or the normal experience with the app.

When I ‘switch’ to OmniFocus (command + Tab) - the app clearly pauses for at least 1 to 2 seconds before showing itself. Most actions within the app itself actually take about 1 second (like ‘Quick Open’). The 1 second lag I realize is minimal - but it does add up and makes it feel ‘slow’ especially when trying to switch quickly between omnifocus and another app to copy/paste information, etc.

Is this normal for people or do they even notice? It is the only app I can find that has an inherit ‘lag’ just switching back to an app that is already open…

I would recommend emailing support, and attaching a sample process (detailed here), even if you are the only person it might be a bug you’ve run into and the rest of us are oblivious to right now!

That said, with my testing today I have not managed to recreate this.

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Thanks Rose. I am wondering if it is the size of my database - I’ll send them a support email. 😊

Similar behaviour (although not when app switching, but when switching views within the app) has been reported during beta testing (I sent in report [OG #2026611]) and was supposed to be fixed in 3.0.1.

However, I still notice it as well. Perspective changes take around a second for me, very noticeable and a lot slower than OF2 on the very same machine.

Please contact support and let them know it is still an issue. Will do, too.

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So as I was playing around with it yesterday… I had a pretty large inbox to organize at the time. Around 30 items open in it. As I went through and brought it back down to inbox zero - the app did seem to just ‘slightly’ speed up. Still not instant and some slight lag - but I am thinking it is my database size or something. Will be reporting regardless. 👍

Seems like they’re still on it – this is what support replied today:

3.0.1 has some tab switching performance fixes, 3.1 has more, and bug-fix releases after 3.1 will have even more—but the latter need a little more testing internally before we can get them out.

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