Launch Pro to create new item in OF

Could someone please give me the correct URL in order to directly Add on a New Item? I can’t find it in Launch Pro itself.

Many thanks …

I presume you are referring to Launch Center Pro and OmniFocus 3 on iOS?

One way of adding an action with a URL scheme would be to use:


But I suggest to use the action composer of Launch Center Pro, and discover many more actions and options:

  • tap an empty tile
  • Choose “Action”
  • press “Action Composer”
  • Choose either “All supported apps” or “Apps with Actions”
  • Search for your Omnifocus version
  • Choose one of the actions
  • Review the URL to understand its syntax

The URL scheme is also documented in the OmniFocus manual.

Thank you so much for your response.

Yes, you are correct - I am referring to LCP and OF3 on iOS.

I have successfully initiated an action - Open Inbox.

I have however been trying to create an “Add New Inbox Item” to LCP. But I can’t understand how to write this in the URL. This would save me an extra button push …

If you can show me how to create the exact URL for this, I would be truly grateful.

I think you used:


Just replace “inbox” with “add” as mentioned above:


There is a whole bunch of other stuff in the action composer, which basically is a cookbook for creating URL schemes of the supported apps like OF.

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