Length of task names in "Network View"

Network view could be a very useful feature… If only I could actually read the task names. I can see no way of expanding the task blocks: my tasks names are truncated to 3 maybe 4 words. This rarely gives me enough information to actually understand what the task actually is so I have to glance over at the inspector panel. Its even worse on the iPad app since the inspector has to be invoked by tapping a button.

Example: I have a task I named: “purchase plumbing for workshop sink” in network view it reads: “purchase plumbing for…” (totally useless). Most of my task descriptions look like this. One of the best things about network view is being able to see an overview of the project structure… this completely fails when you can’t actually read the task descriptions without using the inspector panel for each task.

I really can’t understand what Omni were thinking when they developed the network view like this. How hard is it to make the task blocks in network view expand to show the complete title or maybe just use an extra line to show the complete task name. I hope this gets fixed soon.

We have a feature request on file about this, which I’ve added you to.

If anyone else happens upon this thread and would also like to be added to the feature request, please email us and we’ll be happy to add you too.

I agree, that marketing this feature as usable is deceptive and is why i upgraded. Omni should be ashamed of themselves. This is one step above vaporware.

@skisnkeys I’m sorry to hear that this feature doesn’t meet your expectations! If you’ve found that OmniPlan 3 is not a useful tool for you, our sales team may be able to help you out with a refund. Information about our refund policy is available here.

If you found that particular piece of our marketing material was misleading, would it be possible for you to point it out to us? I’d like to make sure we address it if possible. The best way to get in touch with us about this sort of issue is by emailing our Support team at omniplan@omnigroup.com.


I appreciate your prompt response.

What is misleading and deceptive is that you marketed your product to include a PERT (network) diagram which effectively is useless. The purpose of a PERT chart (which obviously your developers and designers don’t have a clue about) is to evaluate task dependencies, precedence, logistics, etc… Without the ability to read the task names it is USELESS!

Responding to the other user that you will include this as a “feature request” is also an insult to our intelligence.

Is this clear???

Please advise.


Hi Anne I am also looking for a PERT-chart like view out of Omniplan and am finding the Network View “boxes” to be of limited use due to truncation of task names. Can you please add me to the feature request list?


@felciano We’ve introduced non-truncating task names in the Network View in OmniPlan 3.12, which is currently available for public test! If you’d like to try our this change, test builds of OmniPlan 3.12 are available for download here: https://omnistaging.omnigroup.com/omniplan/