Level resource is broken when multiple resources are assigned


From what I see the latest version of OmniPlan is totally broken for the leveling resources capability when multiple resources are assigned. This is very easy to reproduce. A simple example is attached.

In this example, “Dual Task 3” should start as soon as Resource 2 becomes available. Instead, it waits until Resource 1 becomes available as well, despite setting the activity to “Resources work independently”. This makes the app useless since you can’t level resources.


Example attached.


Sorry for the trouble! Could you email a copy of your sample file to your Support team so that they can look into this with you? They can be reached by email at omniplan@omnigroup.com. Thanks!


I have emailed the reproducer to the support email group, but I have received no response.


@lfs It looks like Shane on our Support team emailed you back earlier this morning - sorry for the delay! Our Support team is fielding more tickets than usual right now as we prepare to launch OmniFocus 3 for Mac.