Leveling a resource across multiple projects?

Hello! I’m trying to automatically level a resource across multiple projects.

As an example case, I would like to have 2 projects, with 1 resource. The resource’s total units should be 100% split across both projects. However, the units should not necessarily be split 50/50%, but rather given the best splitting based on the tasks and their priorities/availability/etc. Basically, I would like the same kind of leveling I would get from putting all the tasks into a single project, but keeping the projects separate. Is this kind of cross project leveling possible?

I attempted using the instructions here, but this does not seem to automatically level across projects. I assume this is because the resource is given 100% units within each project. Of course, it’s possible I’m just missing some setting to enable the cross project leveling. I have each project publishing and subscribing to the same repository, and the resource has a unique identifier (the multi-project dashboard shows conflicting over allocation for that resource).

Is this kind of automatic cross project leveling possible? Or does per project unit allocation/scheduling need to manually specified? Or perhaps, am I just not properly enabling the cross project balancing? Thank you for your time!

Based on what I see in this video for an earlier OmniPlan version what I’m attempting to do should be possible. However, I seem to be unable to recreate the results in OmniPlan 4. I create two new projects. In each, I add a resource with the same email identifier. I add both projects to my Omni Sync Server, with both publishing and subscribing enabled (after which, both projects are listed in the server account and have the resource load sharing icon present). I publish both projects and refresh both projects. However, the resource’s load bar from other projects does not show the load from the other project. However, if I add both projects to a multi-project dashboard, then the resource appears as being overloaded. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong for showing other project loads in the current project?

Ah! This appears to be a bug in OmniPlan 4. I tried using OmniPlan 3, and I can get the resources to properly share their loads.

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Do make sure that you flag that formally to Omni (this is generally treated as a peer to peer forum, and things don’t necessarily get picked up by the company and its developers)

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Good point. Thank you.

This bug appears to be fixed in the most recent test build (OmniPlan 4.2 test v207.0.16).

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