Levelling automatically assigns multiple resourses


The same question was asked here, but it didn’t get an answer: Leveling resources assigned 2 staff members to same task

My question is the same -

  1. When I assign a group of resourses to a task
  2. After levelling resourses
  3. I want to have only one resourse auto-assigned to a task, not multiple resourses.

Is it possible to do this?

@21stme Unfortunately, this is a tricky question to answer without looking at how the tasks in your project are set up. Would it be possible for you to send in the project that you’re working with so that our Support team can take a look at it with you? If you’d like to send in an anonymized copy of your file, you can do so by selecting Help > Contact Omni… in the OmniPlan menu bar and selecting the option to include a copy of the file. This will create an email with a copy of your OmniPlan document, replacing all of the text in your document with “Xxxxx” strings.