Like this post if you would like a theme editor for OF3!

There is so much great functionality in OF3. The typography is not really bad, but it isn´t really good either.

I´d love to be able to fix that with a theme editor for OF3.

Please give this a 1+ if you agree!

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To make sure the feature is logged with Omni it’s best to email them (, otherwise it’s like wishing for chocolate cake silently - you still want it but no-one knows that’s the perfect birthday cake to get you!


Or supposedly you can tag @SupportHumans in your post. So far they haven’t responded to anything I’ve tagged but it’s only been a few weeks.

omni did say that most of their time since the Mac release has been spent trying to answer a huge backlog of tech support questions. They’re already chipping away at the load. As long as the emails are sent, it will be in their support database.

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Yeah but given that the welcome post for the forums reads

we have a forum account set up which you can use to automatically generate an email to the support team; messaging the account or including the text @SupportHumans in the post will do so.

I’m expecting that manually sending an email won’t be necessary.

Sending it via email will get you a Support Ticket number which will indicate the message was logged into their internal support database. We won’t get that number if the message was sent via this forum.

Sorry for the delay! As @wilsonng mentioned, we have been hard at work catching up on our correspondence. Notifications about forum posts go into the same chronological queue as our more traditionally-sent emails. It’s a tad bit easier for the Support team to collect feature request votes via separate emails, but we’re happy to help however we can in whatever ways are convenient for you. :)

I’ve got your vote added to the feature request, @Mikkelmand. Let me know if there’s anything else I can assist with.

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