Line arrows by default

Is there a way by which i can have arrows and rounding for cross-over for the lines to be enabled by default?

(from manual - there is a lot in the manual. I am still finding new things after using the program for a few years)

If you have OmniGraffle Pro, you can add styled objects, as well as styles shown in the Canvas Styles section of the popover, to the list of Favorite Styles.

To add a new Favorite Style:

  1. Choose the Shape tool in the toolbar.
  2. Click to open the Style Well popover.
  3. In the Canvas Styles section of the Style Well, locate the object that you’d like to add to the Favorite Styles section.
  4. Control-click the object and choose Add to Favorites from the contextual menu. Another option is to click and drag the object from Canvas Styles to the Favorite Styles portion of the Style Well.

Thanks. I’m able to figure out.