Lines start and end point colors

Why do line starting points have red, and the ending points green? To me, red means stop (end) green means go (beginning) - so this is the opposite of common convention of the meaning of such colors. I’m alwas confused and put arrowheads on the wrong end. Please explain.

PS. Using Omnigraffle Pro 7.4

The highlight color difference is to illustrate the Head of the line from the Tail, although you can create many points in between which will all show up with a blue highlight. In the reference manual, there is a distinction between the line “source” (graphic where the line started) and the “destination” (graphic where the line ends).

At under “Connecting Shapes with Lines”. The line “Head”, which corresponds with the line destination (end point) is green, the line “Tail” is red, which corresponds with the source, or where the line started.

I hope this helps! When I first started working with lines this was unclear to me as well. Once I understood the diagramming intention, it made more sense. If you have any suggestions for us, feel free to email using Contact Omni from your help menu.


How does one disable the infuriating behaviour associated with the red and green line ends? I want to full control over where I connect a line to a box but OmiGraffle is constantly fighting me.

By using magnets on the objects you are connecting to specify where you want to connect them. You can use the Magnet tool to put a custom magnet wherever you like. You can also uncheck “route to object center” with the line tool selected if you don’t like that default.