Link to an apple note from OF

I would like to put a link to a specific note in apple notes on my Mac/phone in the comment or text field of an OF3 task.

Anybody who knows how to achieve that without programming?

Apple doesn’t provide public API for linking to notes. However, it is possible to figure this out if you follow the steps in this article by Federico Viticci (which don’t involve any programming, but do require following a somewhat involved procedure):

Federico is using those steps to add a note link to his iPhone lock screen, but you can paste that same URL into the notes in OmniFocus to create a note link there.


Thanks! It did ‘work’, though certainly it is a bit too involved.

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You might want to look at the Hook app (free trial) which can create links to Notes.


There is also a shortcut solution. It is faster to create the link but slower to follow it.

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