Link to perspective with a slash in its name


I want to add a link to my perspective ‘Somday/Maybe’ in the note field of a task. But how do i handle the slash?

omnifocus:///perspective/Somday/Maybe does not work, also a double slash doesn’t make it better…

Thank you in advance, Jörg

Does this work?


No, I tried it already and get an error:
URL did not contain enough path components to be valid: 3

Any other ideas?

I think it has to do with the fact that “/” is a reserved character.

RFC 3986 section 2.2 Reserved Characters

! # $ & ' ( ) * + , / : ; = ? @ [ ]

I’ve tried \ and - as a separator, and they both work without problems, the / gives the same error you had in every notation option, I think this error indicates it needs another item after the /. (perspective paths can only have 2 components, this error indicates it has been passed 3)

Thank you, I think I should rename my perspective…

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