Link to shopping list in AnyLisy

I have a weekly task to do groceries, and I keep my grocery list in anylist. Is there a way to create a clickable link in omnifocus to open anylist? Ideally it would open my shopping list, but that would be icing on the cake .

This would be on ios 10.

The workflow would be -

I get near the grocery store,the track pops up. I click on the link, and shop for items on the list.

OmniFocus can have clickable links in its notes to anything that can be linked to. If your list app supports a URL scheme, you can put that URL in the notes of an OF task. You could then assign that task a location-based context, and you would have your intended behaviour.



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I checked with AnyList (my shopping list app of choice) and they don’t currently support URL schemes. It’s something they’ll consider supporting in the future.

In the meantime, it is possible to launch AnyList using a URL of:


Though, I tried adding this to the notes field of an OmniFocus action… but OmniFocus didn’t identify it as a link (the way it would a website address).

Great use case. Hopefully this will be possible in the future.

p.s. For this particular use case, AnyList suggested using the location-based reminders that are built-in to AnyList in lieu of an OmniFocus location-based context. You’ll find more info here:

That isn’t a bad idea, but I noticed that Anylist location reminders go off even if the list if empty. I tested it on my grocery list and Anylist reminders popped up even though the list was empty.

It only needs a slight modification. This is the URL.


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