Link/URL Text Formatting

I can’t sort our where in style settings (or if it’s even possible?) to change the formatting of URL text. The blue underlined style is really hard to read on a dark background (such as the Dark Standard theme).

Can someone help point me to the right spot to change that?



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Here’s a link to the Omni Automation page concerning setting and styling links:

And a more comprehensive example at the bottom of this page:

And this page:

Thanks for the reply, @sal! I was hoping there was a UI-based way to format this text - I don’t know JS, so this is heavy. I’ll just not use dark backgrounds in documents 😂



Javascript can’t format AUTOFORMATed URL of Omniutliner, it s still dark blue color that can’t be changed from named styles. Named style can change ALL other properties (bold, underline, font-family etc). I think it’s BUG not feature.

Team, please delete hardcode for URL coloring. Its annoying problem with dark themes. Add predefined style named Link (as rows level 1, rows level 2 etc) and users will be much happy (topic has more 1.9K views)

Links do not relate to the structure of the document, so you can rename the block styles of the structure in the “Document Styles”. Not so complex.