Linking OmniFocus and Basecamp Tasks

There has been some conversation about this over the years but nothing lately. I live in OF but one of the teams I am on uses Basecamp and I get assigned tasks there. It is easy enough to use Hook to link the Basecamp URL to a task in OF but that requires a duplicate task and I need to remember to check it off in both places.

I am looking for some way to automate this. Any suggestions?


Is it possible to clarify where the duplication is? Your OmniFocus tasks should represent undone work (no matter where the undone work actually lives. Just because the “work” is a stated task in another system we don’t always need to perfectly connect the two. Usually we just need to connect them enough for easy reference).

Which aspect are you trying to automate? (The closing of the task? Does Basecamp offer this feature in their URL scheme api? Seems like a matter of building a better Basecamp link in the end.)

Hi, the duplication is because I have to put the task in multiple locations. I need it in OF for my own use and in Basecamp to coordinate with the team. I do connect them using a link but I was hoping to automate the creation and completion of the task in the two different systems.

I see. I was focusing on the fact that you were assigned work externally by someone else. In this case, usually, the task creator controls whether the task is open/completed.

It sounds like you are also doing some of the delegating (which creates your duplicate). I live in a similar world and have worry-free duplicates that are properly linked to each other. I have accepted that I must extra-click to complete. Since I have other external task systems in addition to Basecamp, the integration effort would be non-stop.

In my system, they don’t really feel like duplicates though. I like that I can personally edit the “task subject” and “task duration” on my side without the team seeing it. The team version of the task is often written using rigid statements, pronouns, and other story-style language.

That makes sense. I have a lot more flexibility with what goes in Basecamp and how it is written. I generally duplicate the major task there but break it down into pieces in OF.

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