Links between projects

Is it possible to create links between projects?

For example lets say you have one large project A.
There are multiple sub projects 1,2,3 etc
Each sub project has its own actions: a,b,c etc

Have been able to do this in Evernote by creating internal links…
So there, I’d make one master list of all the sub projects. With the example here, You’d have links to 1,2 and 3 in the body of A.

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You can either:

  1. Create a folder that is your large project A, and then create projects in that folder. This is normally what I do.

  2. Create a project A, and then create subprojects in this project. To do that, you can either drag a project to the project A, or create a task in project A and then select this task and press ‘R’, which converts the task to a subproject.

  3. Create a project A, then create separate projects on the same hierarchy level than project A. You can then link the subprojects to project A by dragging project A to the Note field of each subproject. This will create a link (URL) from the note field of the subprojects to the project A.

I hope these solutions are clear for you and that one of those will fit your need.

Great ideas!

  1. Trying to minimize folders…have only personal, work, parents and temp

  2. “R” doesn’t seem to do anything…I’m on iOS…is that on OS?

  3. Great tip! You made my day! Now I can make a master list and have links to each step of a project!

Thanks, TJ

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