Links in title are not active (all versions of OmniFocus)

So I see that links can be clicked on if they’re in the Notes section. However, they don’t see to be active if they’re in the title.

For example, I have a project with actions involving various bits of writing. I created a task called “Writing” and to that I want to have the direct link in the title so that when I click on the link, it’ll take me to the project directly. So, the updated title is something like “Writing: omnifocus://abd,edf.dfdf” The link in the title though is never active. :(

Can this be a feature request?

You might consider putting the link in the note field and using an OmniFocus Plug-In such as Open Project/Action Note URL or Open URL(s) From Note to open the link. If you’re using a Mac or an iPad with a hardware keyboard, you can map this action to a keyboard shortcut (I use ⌥⌘L).

Can this be a feature request?

You can email feature requests to Omni by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu.

Thanks Tim. I’m not fully sure I understand a part of your message. So I have no trouble getting the link to be live when it’s in the Notes field. I can select the task/project I need in OminFocus and I can copy the URL and paste it into the Notes, press Return, and it becomes clickable.

It’s when this is pasted into the title of the task that it doesn’t turn clickable.

Thanks for your links though. I am really not familiar with Omni automation and the links you provided so this will be an opportunity to explore.

The plug-ins I suggested will allow you to open the link even if the note field isn’t visible. They wouldn’t make the title of the action clickable but would give you a convenient way to trigger links to items in OmniFocus and externally (e.g. a webpage).

Knowing what device(s) you’re using would be helpful. For example, if you’re on a Mac, you can press ⌥⌘R (View > Show in Projects) to show the selected action in its project.

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Thanks, @timstringer.

I mostly use OF 4 on my iPhone and Mac. I’ll try out those plug-ins when I get a chance to absorb this whole thing about automation etc. :)

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